Bright Bear Woody

While other bears hunt for food or just play around, Woody takes care of the woods they all happily live in. He is a real nature lover who spends most of his time conserving the precious trees, plants and animals around his den. If only humans would be so careful from time to time…

You can adopt Woody for US $119.50 (+ US $19.00 for worldwide shipping). Your little friend will arrive in about 10 days after we receive payment confirmation from PayPal.

Woody was carefully made by hand using smokey long pile upholstery. He is filled with mohair, a naturalist drive and glass and steel granules. The granules give him a nice weight, ideal to make him sit and also stand if he really tries.

Woody looks at you through his pair of black glass eyes. I embroidered his nose. His paw pads were made of ultrasuede. I knitted him a warm woolen spencer.

Thanks to his 5 joints, Woody easily moves his arms, legs and head.

His sizes are 73 mm (2 7/8 inch) when he is sitting, and 100 mm (4 inch) while standing.

Woody was born in a non-smoking home, and comes – wearing his spencer, and with a stone hedgehog and a bundle of twigs – in a nice box, with a card containing some of his characteristics handwritten by me, the artist.

(Enjoy this free wallpaper picture of Bright Bear Woody)

Bright Bear Woody

Bright Bear Woody

Bright Bear Woody

Bright Bear Woody

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